Eye message

The project is completed during the graduate study at Pratt whic through the analysis of micro-expressions to help users better communication and self-defense.

This app combines a patch-based eye-tracking camera to help users understand the real information revealed in their eyes. Studies on micro-expressions show that although it keeps for a short time, it is the expression of real human emotion that cannot be hidden — often used in polygraph technology.

The system consists of three modes, reading the emotional changes of the communicator, capturing the potential intent of the stranger and alerting the signal from followers. At the same time, the system records every eye tracking to help users become better communicators.

December 2018

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In modeA, the system records the eye behavior status of the communicator in each conversation of the user and analyzes the attitude of their eyes to determine their attitude towards the communication and informs the user in the form of a vibration. If in a particular topic, the communicator shows obvious eye avoidance, the system will help the user record the avoidable topic into a list.

ModeA 

In modeB, the system automatically captures the stranger's eye contact with the user, analyzes their pupil magnification and staring time, and notifies the user of the specific orientation and approaching intention. For users who are looking for a potential lover, modeB can help them improve their confidence and find people who are attracted by them.

ModeB 

In modeC, the system mainly captures long-term eye gaze from the back of the user, especially for female users who walk alone on the night. This mode can be turned on at night to help users detect whether someone is tracking them. Moreover, in this mode, you can share your location with the entire data base, show potential danger zones to other users on the map, and increase their alertness.

ModeC 

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