The folio is a project completed during the graduate study at Pratt which has three booklets that can be viewed independently. 

The first part introduced the meaning of sacrifice expressing the abandonment of some unimportant things for a higher purpose. 
The second part introduced the Evolutionary psychology which mentions four pursuits in human behavior, and based on human evolutionary research, humans cannot escape the characteristics carried in genes. 
The third part introduced the Absurdism which focus on Albert Camus’s view of the free will. 

Based on three books that can be read separately, there is an open interpretation based on the reading order of three titles. Whether to sacrifice the biological defense mechanism to follow the free will or to choose to survive by sacrificing of free will depends on the reader's understanding. In the back of each booklet, my longing for free will, hidden by scratchable stickers, is waiting for the readers to dig.

November 2018

detail of scratchable sticker